Setting & Cast


New York City, December 1905 - The story takes place on the 2 days leading up to and including Christmas Day.


Della Young – 18-25. Married to Jim, sweet & gentle, but with spunk

Jim Young – 20-30, Married to Della, quiet, thoughtful, witty

Maddy – Della’s best friend, works at Hadley’s, wise-cracking, fun-loving 

William – Jim’s best friend & co-worker at the Bank of New York, gregarious, fun

Betsy – William’s wife, a little ditsy (doubles as Hula Girl & Beggar Woman)

Nestor – William & Betsy’s 7-year-old son. Overly energetic, mischievous (doubles as Beggar Boy)

Annabelle – William & Betsy’s 5-year-old daughter, curious, manipulative, feisty 

Hunnicutt – Manager of Hadley’s, fancies himself a ladies’ man, a bit lecherous (doubles as Caroler & 4th Policeman)

Porter – President of the Bank of New York, conceited, snobbish, blunt (doubles as Shopper & Beggar Man)

Officer O’Reilly – NYC policeman, by-the-book, but kind (Doubles as Caroler, & Bank Customer)

Officer Brown – NYC policeman, cheerful, eager to help (Doubles as Shopper & Bank Customer)

Santa/Henry – Cheerful, generous (doubles as 3rd Policeman)

Alice – Caroler, Bank Customer. Hula Girl, Beggar, Newsboy 

Emily - Caroler, Bank Customer. Hula Girl, Beggar

NOTE: Roles can be doubled further from 13 people all the way down to 10 people. Suggested cast breakdowns are listed in the back of the script.

New York City Street 
Maddy’s Apartment 
Della & Jim’s Apartment 
Police Station 
Hadley’s Five and Ten 
Jail Cell
Bank of New York 

NOTE: Show can also be presented with just suggested sets.